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christian louboutinTechnology is continually changing, and Christian Louboutin Shoes marketing methods are changing in response. Globally integrated marketing communication is being adopted by many companies to streamline business processes and reach a greater audience.Other People Are ReadingInnovative Communication IdeasCauses & Consequences of GlobalizationPrint this article FunctionMarketing communication that is globally integrated means that companies no longer have to create marketing plans for each country. Instead of acknowledging the differences between countries, communications that are globally integrated look for similarities between countries and create marketing plans around these similarities Christian Louboutin.BenefitsThe implementation of globally integrated marketing is practical for an environment where the Internet results in global viewers, whether it is the intention of the company or not. Creating one marketing campaign that can be communicated globally is also cost-efficient, as it reduces marketing costs for the company and can lead to extra funds for improved marketing communication or new developments.SignificanceThe shift toward globally integrated marketing communication is representative of the globalization of large companies. New global marketing strategies will facilitate the ability of companies to expand and to test their reception in new markets.  usa

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